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About GoHijau

GoHijau focuses on making a better environment by providing a modern platform and services of collecting used cooking oil. 

Our main vision is to produce a sustainable future for our young generation with software and hardware technology implementation. Turn used cooking oil to cash today, and become our GoHijau Rider to earn income by collecting used cooking oil from our customers.

How Does GoHijau Works?

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To Propose Efficient Solution Regarding Environmental Pollution Matters Under GoHijau Program

To Share the Potential of Entrepreneurship Program in Providing the Immediate Solution on B40 community

To Increase Public Awareness of Environmental Sustainability and Commitment to Care

Door to Door Collection

GoHijiau provides a door-to-door collection service to collect your used cooking oil (UCO). Simply get started by creating an account and place your preferred day, time, and address for collection arrangement.

Used Cooking Oil

Has cooking oil been used more than 3 times and still not changed? . DANGER, DANGER, DANGER! . You must change the cooking oil if these signs occur:

  1. The oil's color becomes dark and thick.
  2. The oil smells rancid.
  3. Fried foods have an unappealing color.
  4. Fried foods taste unpleasant.
  5. The oil becomes thicker.
  6. A lot of smoke is produced when heated. . Avoid using used oil to reduce the risk of illness. . Come on, donate the oil to us, and you will receive money as a return.

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